Who we are

The Solutions For Environmental Consultancy (SEC) which is considered as an environmental adviser, can provide you with a broad extent of services ranging from implementing environmental regulations and standards to environmental consultancy and management. SEC helps clients that range from Governments to private sectors and from big companies to small businesses. Our expertise offers services  in  Air,  water  and  noise  modelling,  EIA  studies,  environmental  provisions,  Waste  and Environmental management, studies in Marine-Terrestrial and environmental geology. We can help solve all of your environmental issues with a single step – let that step be a call to Sec Company.

SEC provides GIS and environmental data management solutions to help its clients to better manage data related environmental projects and studies, and provides tools to assist the decision process of environmental investigation and research. We will use the most current technologies to facilitate our clients needs and helping them make informed decisions. We are using existing models, develop new models to assist the understanding and forecasting of Environmental impact assessments.

SEC  is  formed  in   2011   as   the  first   multi-disciplinary  environmental  consultancy  providing environmental solutions. We are one of the few consultancies able to combine local expertise and knowledge with global experience. Our team of professional and specialist consultants provide creative solutions to some of the most challenging projects. We work with clients to identify, define and deliver innovative solutions to complex problems. We are committed to providing best available techniques (BAT) and best environmental solutions.

(SEC) is an environmental firm whose goal is to deliver innovative solutions for government and private clients, helping them understand and manage their impacts on environment and provide them with a high quality work products.

  • Our Vision is to lead a debate, make a change, influence policy and shape development to manage natural resources, control pollution, reach a sustainable green environment and achieve outstanding client  success.  Environmental  awareness  in  the  society  is  also  one  of  the  main  targets  in  Sec consultancy. We believe that green environment should be a life style and managing natural resources should start from houses. We will strive to be a leader among Kuwait  Environmental Consultation Companies  by  managing  our  business  in  a  way  that  verifies  our  commitment  to  environmental protection, sustainability and supervision.
  • We will guarantee that our individual and industry environmental conceptions abide by all  Kuwait legislation and regulations.

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