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Solutions for Environmental Consultancy office is offering a wide range variety of SHE course, consulting, customized SHE training and other services related to Occupational Safety, health, environment and career development. Furthermore, we develop, conduct and facilitate occupational safety & health training courses & programs including tailor made SHE programs.

We will offer Occupational Safety, health and environmental training services and problem solving.

  • We are Occupational safety & health consultants that do safety business with passion to ensure consistency and world-class quality of Occupational Safety & Health training & services.

  • Generally, we serve oil & gas process industries (Upstream & Downstream).
  • We provide occupational safety & health training and consultation including but NOT limited to the following:
  • Process safety, Process Safety Leadership, Process Safety Culture and Risk Assessment & Management.
  • Process Operations Pre-Start-Up Review (PSSR) for Oil & Gas industries.
  • Drilling Inspection, Compliance Audit and SHE Training Programs
  • General Occupational Safety and Health training for Oil & Gas Process Industries.
  • Construction Safety Management including Training, Site Safety Plans, Site Inspection, Site Compliance Assurance Audit, Construction Procedures and other required construction SHE services.
  • Behavioral-Based Safety (BBS) Process
  • Industrial Radiation Safety Programs including NORMS/TENORMS: Hazard Evaluation, Specialized Radiation Safety Training, Inspections and Compliance Assurance Audits.
  • Occupational Ergonomics & Office Safety Training and Programs Development.
  • Emergency Planning & Response Training & Programs Evaluation.
  • Chemical Laboratory Safety.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Awareness Training.
  • Incident Analysis/Root Cause Analysis & Human Error Prevention.
  • Simultaneous Operations (SimOps) Safety Awareness.
  • Integrating On & Off-The-Job Safety Programs Awareness Training.
  • Management Leadership Site Visits ( Walk-through) Awareness Training including International Case Studies for Oil & Gas Process Industries.

Furthermore, we offer a lot of and various courses in different SHE topics. Also,

We provide SHE courses in-house for clients which including our standard offered courses as well as customized client courses.

  • We establish occupational safety & health programs & standards for small and medium companies.
  • We perform occupational safety & health career development guidelines and assistant.

We conduct SHE compliance assurance review, gap analysis for compliance with local Kuwait laws requirements, international requirements and best practices gridlines.

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